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Institute Code : 4118
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Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
Head of Department

Name:- Prof.  Mangesh. N. Thakare

Designation:- Associate Professor ( Adhoc. )& Head Of Department, BE, E&T II shift coordinator

Qualification:- M-Tech (Electronics),B.E. (Electronics)


Total Teaching Experience:- 22 Yr

Subject Specialization:- Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing

Email Id:- mnt_ent@rediffmail.com

Contact No.:- 9423620513

No. of Publication:-  08 No.


Name:- Shri Prashant R. Indurkar

Designation:- Associate professor & M.Tech Coordinator

Qualification:- M-Tech (Electronics)


Total Teaching Experience:-26 Yr

Subject Specialization:- Digital , Embedded System

Email Id:- prashantindurkar@rediffmail.com

Contact No.:- 9422116333

No. of Publication:-  14 No.


Name:- Dr. V. R. Ingle

Designation:-Associate Professor

Qualification:- Master of Engineering(Digital Electronics), PhD


Total Teaching Experience:- 22 Yrs

Subject Specialization:- Fuzzy logic and Neural networks

Email Id:- chin_vikal@yahoo.com

Contact No.:- 09881489025

No. of Publication:-  17


Name:-  Mr. Ravindra D. Kadam

Designation:- Assistant Professor ( Sr Scale )

Qualification:-B.E(Elec.& Telecomm)MTech(Electronics) C-DAC


Total Teaching Experience:-17 Yrs

Subject Specialization:- Power Electronics, control system,
Renewable Energy system.

Email Id:- rdk.arvi@rediffmail.com

Contact No.:- 9890724836

No. of Publication:-  10 No.


Name:-  Mr. Nilesh P. Bobade

Designation:- Assistant Professor ( Sr. Gr. )

Qualification:- M.Tech.(Electronics)


Total Teaching Experience:-17 Yrs

Subject Specialization:- Microprocessor, Microcontroller, Wireless Network,

Email Id:-b_nilesh246@rediffmail.com, b.nilesh246@gmail.com

Contact No.:- 8087246929

No. of Publication:-  16 No.


Name:- Mrs. Deepali M. Khatri

Designation:- Assistant Professor (Sr.Gr.)

Qualification:-M-Tech (Electronics)


Total Teaching Experience:-12 Yrs

Subject Specialization:- VLSI ,Embedded system

Email Id:- deepali.85@rediffmail.com

Contact No.:- 8007789001

No. of Publication:-  7 No.

Prof. Mrs. Y. A. Sadawarte
Designation : Assistant Professor(Sr. Gr.)
Qualification : B.E.(Electronics), M.Tech.(Electronics)
Year of Experience :13 Yrs
Specialization :NOC Architecture, VLSI Circuit
E-mail: y_sadawarte@rediffmail.com
Contact no: :8007789001
Publication Details :

Name:-  Mr. Swapnil A. Dhande

Designation:-Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr.)

Qualification:-B.E. (Elec. & Telecomm.) MTech*


Total Teaching Experience:-14 Ysr

Subject Specialization:-  Computer Networking , Communication

Email Id:-  swapnildhande@rediffmail.com

Contact No.:- 9860104194

No. of Publication:- 8 No.


Name:-  Ms. Jayshri D. Dhande

Designation:-Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr.)

Qualification:-B.E. (Elec. & Telecomm.)MTech(Electronics) PhD(Submitted)


Total Teaching Experience:-13 Yrs


Email Id:-  jayshridhande@rediffmail.com

Contact No.:-9370646425

No. of Publication:-


Name:- Mr. Girish D. Korde

Designation:-Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr.)

Qualification:- M-Tech (Electronics),B.E. (Elect. & Telecomm.) PhD(Submitted)


Total Teaching Experience:-11 Yrs

Subject Specialization:- Digital Communication, Digital Signal Processing

Email Id:- gdkorde@rediffmail.com

Contact No.:- 9766589243

No. of Publication:- 15 No.


Name:- Shri Anant W. Hinganikar

Designation:-Assistant Professor(Sr. Gr.)

Qualification:-M-Tech (Electronics), B.E. (Electronics)


Total Teaching Experience:-11 Yrs

Subject Specialization:- VLSI, Digital Communication

Email Id:- anant_hinganikar@rediffmail.com

Contact No.:-9970450931

No. of Publication:- 06 No.

Mr. N. M. Chore
Designation : Assistant Professor (Sr.Gr.) & Traning & Placement Officer
Qualification : M.Tech.(Electronics)
Year of Experience :11 yrs
Specialization : VHDL, Embedded System
E-mail: nitinmchore@gmail.com
Contact no: : 9021509163
Publication Details :
Journals – 03
International Conference – 05
National Conference - 04
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